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Details of folded silk flowers – left overs from Shrinking Violets.


Fingerprints on jeans, illustration by Alice Payne  In op shops you can immediately tell home made clothes, and not just because there’s no label. Whenever I wear them, I’m conscious that someone like me made them. Her fingerprints are all over it. Maybe I see how she zigzagged the inside seams and pressed them flat …

Addax and calf

Following on from prior hand-piecing, I’m experimenting with making pieced pictures. Again, this was something I did years ago, so it’s good to return to it. I began with animals. Here’s an Abbott’s Booby and an Abbott’s Duiker. I went with a public domain image of an Addax and calf. Then I translated it into …

900 triangles

I spend eight hours per week on the train, so it’s a perfect time for hand-piecing. This is the project I’m currently working on, a textile hanging of 900 triangles. I’ve used chiefly silk and cotton offcuts, with some rayon velvet. I still have about 300 triangles to go. I was inspired to begin the …

New making

 I’ve been working on this garment in between everything else. It’s modular – six squares and four rectangles – and can be unpicked and the squares re-used for another garment. The laser-cut holes allow for gathering, decorative stitching, or knotting-on additional layers of cloth for warmth.

Christmas decorating

This year we made our own Christmas tree: Baby Cheesus and the angel And I stitched a couple of advent calendars, an angel and a snow-covered train… …which is useless at keeping anything cold – both need filling on a night by night basis so the chocolates don’t melt in the Qld sun.

Goin’ Local

Last night I gave a talk at the Stitchery as part of their Goin’ Local theme for July. As I prepared for the talk I was reminded of what drew me to study fashion and textiles ages and ages ago. It all began in 1994 when I was fifteen and began making a patchwork quilt. …

Pitter, Patter

With many babies being born to dear friends, I have developed a fail-safe gift idea. These little shoes, made from scraps of fabric and leather off-cuts, are good first walkers or slippers. I’ve used cordoroy for the outside and a bright print for the lining. (This post first appeared on Gussy Up Gals blog)