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Fairy wardrobe

Here’s the latest of an ongoing cheery side project of mine: making fairy dresses for my three-year old daughter.     Last month alone I made four, for her and for her friends. This month’s is a frothy rainbow concoction, that has been worn solidly day and night for three days.

Mend and make do

This week’s task was a little something for a local company I do a bit of work for, Earthly Goods. Earthly Goods creates bespoke quilts and homewares for customers, with a sustainable ethos, using recycled and vintage fabrics, hemp and organic cotton wadding. Many people may have a stash of special fabrics or embroidered linens, without …

Analogue piracy

This week I made a flag for painter Phil Williams. He’s designed a skull and crossbones out of a cassette tape. It will be on display in the window at his exhibition ‘For the hate of paint’, 13 June 2007 – 7 July 2007 at Peloton gallery, Chippendale.