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IFFTI, Florence

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Many moons have passed since I updated this blog – in fact all of 2015 passed. So the next few posts will record several of my projects / experiences from 2015 – the most memorable being Florence.

In May 2015 I was fortunate to attend the IFFTI conference in Florence, Italy. The paper I presented had the bombastic title of ‘Writing fashion’s future: The gods and monsters of the Anthropocene.’ I have been stuck on ideas of sustainability in fashion for sometime, and this paper was my attempt at reconciling the world’s macro challenges with the ‘sustainability’ narratives I hear told within fashion studies and industry.

The ideas in the paper are still nascent, but feedback was positive. Like all my research, there is still so much more to be done and worked out.

A great strength of the 2015 IFFTI conference was the focus on fashion creative practice. Below left is work by Armando Chant (UTS), and below right,  Kate Kennedy (RMIT).


And of course Italy was an overwhelming visual feast in so many ways: art, architecture, design, fashion (antique store windows – as in top picture). I filled a sketchbook with notes and drawings, and took hundreds of photos. In all, the experience will provide creative nourishment for years to come.

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