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Kombucha project – 2015

Design work

In 2015 we ran the Kombucha project again with The Edge, State Library of Queensland. The student brief this year was to develop a shoe using kombucha. See Asia Pacific Design Library blog post and pictures of the student exhibition here. This year the students tried out a considerable variety of techniques and materials to use in concert with the kombucha. Some students created moulds, other integrated 3D printed structures, and others experimented with softening the kombucha using oils.

Valise with jars of kombucha growing and laser-etched detail (from Harvest by Alice Payne, Dean Brough and Peter Musk)

Dean Brough, Peter Musk and I also collaborated on a small selection of bags for exhibition as part of the IASDR conference in Brisbane. Dean and I developed the bags from pellicle grown by Peter, and Peter contributed the laser etching on the kombucha (see picture at left).

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