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Harvest: The Kombucha Project

In collaboration with Peter Musk, Science Catalyst at The Edge, State Library of Queensland, Dean Brough, myself, and first year QUT Fashion students have been experimenting with constructing garments and accessories from kombucha, a flexible curd that grows on a fermented tea solution. When dry the pellicle has the properties of leather and paper, and can be stitched, moulded, glued and manipulated.

Details of manipulating the kombucha textile (Alice Payne)

The students exhibited work for this project at The Edge, State Library of Queensland in 2014-2017.

Dean Brough, Peter Musk and myself exhibited a collection of kombucha bags entitled ‘Harvest: A biotextile future’ at IASDR Interplay conference, Brisbane, November 2015.

Valise with jars of kombucha growing and laser-etched detail (from Harvest by Alice Payne, Dean Brough and Peter Musk)
Briefcase (from Harvest by Alice Payne, Dean Brough and Peter Musk)
Clutch and handbag (from Harvest by Alice Payne, Dean Brough and Peter Musk)

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