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The Grow-Shrink-and-Turncoat

This reversible garment is constructed in modules which allow it to be extended or tightened depending on the wearer. Later, it can be disassembled and then reassembled to form a new garment. The laser-cut holes allow for layers of cloth to be added or removed. The concept was developed in part from a brainstorming activity with first and second year QUT students – their ideas included a garment which can be taken apart, a garment to fit many people, and most intriguingly, a garment that can open and ‘grow’ like a flower, swelling up in cold weather to warm the body.

The coat was exhibited as part of Fashionably Early, Gallery of Australian Design, Canberra in August 2012. It has also been included in the book A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion, by Alison Gwilt, 2014.

Front view
Back view and inside-out view
Left, garment specs of 12 rectangles; right, detail
Public try on garment © Art Atelier
Public try on garment © Art Atelier


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