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Selling sun, surf and fitness

Billabong and Lorna Jane are two powerhouse Australian lifestyle brands. In my article ‘Selling sun, surf and fitness: Queensland’s mass-market fashion’ for The Fashion Archives, I discuss the humble beginnings of each brand.

Fast fashion in geological time

Much of what we call fast fashion took eons to reach us.  Let’s say you buy a new frock. It’s made from polyester, a plastic derived from petroleum. That petroleum is a hydrocarbon, formed from minerals and marine animals, chemically-transformed over millions of years. (1) Most petroleum deposits are found in rocks from the Mesozoic …

Paula Stafford

Last month I visited the Gold Coast and Hinterland Historical Society – Surfer’s Paradise, to view the Paula Stafford collection, kindly arranged by Nadia and Madeleine at The Fashion Archives. Australia and the swimsuit are a perfect fit, and in part that’s thanks to Gold Coast fashion designer Paula Stafford.   Stafford began designing swimwear …

First draft

 This is the first draft of my PhD. I carry it everywhere in my backpack, along with my laptop and a half dozen books. I’m like Christian in The Pilgrim’s Progress, worn down by my Burden. Though unlike Christian, I didn’t just pass through Vanity Fair – I’ve spent the past few years researching it. …

Design and Ethics

  The new book Design and Ethics: Reflections on Practice, published by Routledge, is now available. I contributed a chapter on fashion, writing about the role of waste in the fashion system – the creative, immaterial waste as well as the tangible waste.

Bath Fashion Museum

I visited the Bath fashion museum in September this year. Here are some photos and sketches. And some wonderful wedding dresses:  

Industry and Autonomy: what is sustainable fashion?

I participated in a panel discussion last night on fashion and sustainability, chaired by fellow PhD candidate Nadia Buick. On the panel were Paula Dunlop from QUT and the Stitchery, Samantha Hardman from Bento, Tess Curran from Peppermint Magazine and Joshua Jones from Jean Brown. (Photo: Alison Kubler)  

Gruesome lecture

Me giving a lecture to first years on fashion and sustainability – yeesh, I need to make the content less apocalyptic.  

Fashioning Now

For anyone with an interest in sustainable design and fashion, a new exhibition will be opening at the UTS gallery in late July. Bringing together fashion design, textiles, illustration and digital media, the exhibition aims to present new models for the fashion industry to move forward for a less wasteful, more sustainable future. Most excitingly, …