Visualising the life cycle

This set of images visualises the garment life cycle and captures the range of environmental and social issues at each life cycle phase. Below – basic linear garment life cycle through phases of production, use and disposal. Environmental issues throughout the garment life cycle Below, social issues in the garment life cycle. Below, the social […]

Whaling and paradigm shifts

This week Australia had a success in the courts fighting Japanese scientific whaling. What many people may not realise is how recent our own whaling history is. Between 1952 and 1962, Tangalooma in Moreton Bay, Queensland was the biggest whaling station in the southern hemisphere (1). In total, Australian workers killed 12,500 humpback whales in […]

Fast fashion in geological time

Much of what we call fast fashion took eons to reach us.  Let’s say you buy a new frock. It’s made from polyester, a plastic derived from petroleum. That petroleum is a hydrocarbon, formed from minerals and marine animals, chemically-transformed over millions of years. (1) Most petroleum deposits are found in rocks from the Mesozoic […]

Paula Stafford

Last month I visited the Gold Coast and Hinterland Historical Society – Surfer’s Paradise, to view the Paula Stafford collection, kindly arranged by Nadia and Madeleine at The Fashion Archives. Australia and the swimsuit are a perfect fit, and in part that’s thanks to Gold Coast fashion designer Paula Stafford.   Stafford began designing swimwear […]

Oxford Conference

In colonial times, Australian women would eagerly await the latest fashion styles coming from Europe… During the 1980s – early 2000s, Australian designers and buyers could easily go across to Europe, buy the latest styles, and then adjust them for the Australian market a season later. It was very convenient having opposing seasons to the fashion […]