Visualising the life cycle

This set of images visualises the garment life cycle and captures the range of environmental and social issues at each life cycle phase. Below – basic linear garment life cycle through phases of production, use and disposal. Environmental issues throughout the garment life cycle Below, social issues in the garment life cycle. Below, the social […]

Agri-Intelligence in Cotton Production Systems

For the past year I have been privileged to work as part of the team on the research project Agri-Intelligence in Cotton Production Systems (Stage 1) supported by the Australian Government Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC). Our project CI Professor Tristan Perez has posted this update on our year 1 activities and milestones. Image: […]

Inspiration sources for fast fashion design

Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management recently published my paper ‘Inspiration sources for Australian fast fashion designers: tapping into consumer desire’. For the paper I conducted a fresh analysis of interview data from my PhD, focusing on the perspectives of fast fashion designers. Rather than offer a critique of design practices, my intention in this […]

Open loop and closed loop recyling

My book chapter for S. Muthu’s Handbook of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Textiles and Clothing was published in August 2015, available here. Full details on QUT Eprints. Textile waste is a significant contributor to landfill yet the majority of textiles can be recycled, allowing for the energy and fibre to be reclaimed. This chapter examines the […]