Creation’s Doom

Just finished, a belt and detachable pocket made from hand-dyed hemp silk. The belt was quilted with images from a favourite book of mine, a Pictorial History of Science Fiction. I stitched Icarus falling to earth from a Durer woodcut, a few monsters and lightening bolts, and ‘a city of the future’ as imagined by a 1920s sci-fi artist. The pocket flap says “Creation’s Doom, See inside”, a phrase pinched from the cover of a 2 shilling sci-fi weekly.
I quilt with the image I’ve chosen propped up beside the sewing machine, so I guess it is stitch – sketching.
The belt is fastened with big siver press studs, and lined in black hemp silk. The pocket detaches to be a little clutch purse, also lined in black with a touch of turquoise round the opening.

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