Addax and calf

Following on from prior hand-piecing, I’m experimenting with making pieced pictures. Again, this was something I did years ago, so it’s good to return to it. I began with animals. Here’s an Abbott’s Booby and an Abbott’s Duiker.

Abbott's Booby and Abbott's Duiker

I went with a public domain image of an Addax and calf. Then I translated it into clear cutting lines via Illustrator.

Addax and calf

Using silks (donated by Jane – thank you!), I’ve been covering the paper shapes in fabric and then hand-piecing them.

Front pieced, back pieced with templates visible

What it will turn into is anyone’s guess: the grain-lines are all off due to the weird paper shapes so it’s difficult to know what the fabrics will do once the templates are removed.

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