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Piecemeal Production

I found a half-completed quilt I started years and years ago this week. It’s quite lovely, scraps in browns and reds forming interlocking circles on a dusty pink ground.
Trouble is, I can’t see myself hand-piecing the remaining square metres required, yet if I stash it away again, whole decades of my life could pass before I pull it out and attempt to complete it.


So I’ve decided to make it into a doona cover, hardly the utterly handmade masterpiece I envisaged at first, but at least the work-in-progress can be enjoyed day-to-day.


The plan is to applique the large pieced section onto a plain background, then scatter the remainder of the smaller pieced shapes around it, to celebrate the unfinishedness.
Hopefully in a few more years I can post a photo of the results.
(This post first appeared on Gussy Up Gals blog)

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