Two completed versions of the mock ups I developed earlier this year were exhibited at the IASDR conference in November 2015, in the Asia Pacific Design Library, State Library of Queensland.

I’ve called these Shrinking Violets – a nod to the original Grow-Shrink-and-Turncoat system from which I developed the idea – but also a reference to their flower-like appearance.


Above is a progress shot. The laser cutting effectively seals the edges of the circles, meaning the silk doesn’t fray. Being a protein fibre, silk doesn’t burn as readily as cotton or linen.


These two Violets emerged from drapes on the stand using circles and garment pattern shapes. I then developed the back shapes further (for the first designs I only designed the fronts!).

Although these two are a ‘proof of concept’ in terms of the knotting technique forming the garment’s structure, I can see the idea needs to be pushed further. The plan is to work at further techniques to develop richer, more embellished surfaces using the technique.

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